Young people (17-24)

Traineeships in the Western Australian public sector

Many traineeships in the Western Australian public sector are facilitated through the Public Sector Commission’s ‘Public sector traineeship recruitment and referral service’.

This service offers opportunities for young people to be selected by public sector agencies for both school-based and full-time traineeship programs. Those who are selected for a position in an agency traineeship program will:

  • be employed and hosted by their agency for a period of 12 months for full-time trainees or 18 months for part-time trainees
  • earn a trainee wage, based on age and final year of schooling completed
  • receive support, including mentoring, to complete the traineeship
  • develop skills relevant to public administration
  • gain a nationally recognised qualification on completion of the program – Certificate II, III or IV in Government (Public Administration)

To be considered for a traineeship, individuals must:

  • be between 17 and 24 years of age
  • have completed a minimum of Year 10 or equivalent
  • have a current residential address in Western Australia
  • be committed to working full time for up to 12 months (or part time for up to 18 months) in an office environment within a public sector agency.

Eligible individuals can register their interest through one of three streams:

All streams offer opportunities in metropolitan and regional areas.

For more information, download Traineeships in the Western Australian public sector - a guide for youth and agencies (PDF - 812kb). If you have further queries, please email

School-based traineeship program

The ‘School-based traineeship program’ is for Year 10 students that will be progressing into Year 11, attend a WA public school and are looking for an opportunity to gain valuable work and life experience, earn a wage and a formal qualification, all while completing their secondary school education.

The Public Sector Commission coordinates the program in partnership with Skills Strategy International (Registered Training Organisation).

Program outline

After receiving your registration (see below), the Public Sector Commission will consider if you are suitable for the program. If your registration is accepted, you may be referred to public sector agencies that have a vacancy for a school-based trainee. This means your resume will be sent the agencies for their consideration, and you may be required to attend an interview for the agency to assess your suitability for the program.

If the agency accepts you as a successful candidate, you will commence your school-based traineeship in February the following year (in Year 11).

During your traineeship, you will work two days (15 hours) per week and attend school for three days per week. Your school's VET Coordinator will decide the days you will work in liaison with the agency. Note that you should be prepared to work through school holidays (unless annual leave is negotiated with your agency), as you will be classified as a part time employee.

The program is for 18 months, so at the end of Year 12 and upon successful completion of the program, you will complete your Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and receive a Certificate II in Government. In addition, by the time you have finished your traineeship you will know how to:

  • work in a public sector environment
  • use routine workplace communication techniques
  • deliver a service to clients
  • use a range of software, technology and office equipment
  • follow workplace safety procedures


You are eligible for the program if you:

  • are a government school student commencing Year 11 study in the Perth metropolitan area
  • have achieved a C grade or higher in Year 10 and be deemed academically capable of undertaking a traineeship by your school (check with your school's VET Coordinator)
  • have a good attendance history at school
  • are an enthusiastic, reliable and dedicated student who will be committed to maintaining your schooling as well as the school-based traineeship requirements
  • are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or holder of an eligible working visa, who is currently living in Western Australia.

Trainee wage rates

As a trainee you will be paid a training wage of $137.85 per week in Year 11 and $152.10 per week in Year 12.

Please note the wages listed change annually. To check the most up to date wage, go to the Department of Commerce website and search for wage rates for public sector trainees.

Registration for the program

Applications are currently closed for the traineeship program. Applications will be open again in June 2017. Students must apply for the program while in Year 10, either via their school’s VET Coordinator or by applying directly online.

For more information, download the School-based traineeship program guide for schools and students or email