Working in the WA public sector

There are more than 100 departments and agencies (collectively referred to as ‘agencies’) in the Western Australian public sector, ranging in size from just a few people in a single office to thousands of employees across the state. For a list of departments and agencies, please see the ‘Departments and agencies’ page on the website.

While many of these people are employed in typical government roles—such as teachers, police, fire fighters, nurses, engineers and accountants—you may be surprised to learn that the public sector also employs people in a wide variety of positions including project managers, cleaners, gardeners and veterinarians.

Eligibility to apply for public sector jobs

Australian citizenship or permanent residency is an essential requirement for permanent positions in the public sector. Non-permanent residents who have an appropriate visa and working entitlements are eligible to apply for fixed-term appointments.

For more information on migration, see the Department of Training and Workforce Development Migration WA website.

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