Tips for using search

The following information is provided to assist you in navigating your way around the jobs search features.

View all vacancies

Click 'Search' without making any selections in the search box. If you've made a selection, click 'Clear', then 'Search'.

View vacancies based on criteria

You can search for vacancies by occupation, agency, salary range, classification level, location/region, work type or keyword.

Select relevant options from each drop-down list in each search box. To select multiple options within a drop-down list, hold down the CTRL key (Mac users, hold down the ‘Apple’ key) while selecting options with your mouse. After selecting your chosen criteria, click 'Search'.

View the latest jobs

Jobs are added daily by agencies, and removed according to the closing date of vacancies. In addition to showing all vacancies, you can limit vacancies shown based on whether they have been advertised within the last day, last two days, last week, last two weeks or last month. Alternatively, clicking on 'View Latest Jobs' will show you all the jobs that have been added on the current day.

Email notification of vacancies

In addition to searching for jobs through the website, you can create a 'Search Profile' to receive emails that notify you of advertised vacancies according to your customised criteria.

To create a search profile, you will first need to create a Jobs WA account. Once you've logged in with your account, click 'My Details' in the left-hand menu and complete your profile information. After saving your details, click the 'My Search Profile' button at the top of the screen.

After selecting your search criteria, ensure the 'Email me jobs' drop-down is set to 'Yes', then press 'Save Profile'. If you wish to stop receiving search profile emails in future, return to the 'My Search Profile' screen, change 'Email me jobs' to 'No', then press 'Save Profile'.