Jobs WA website statistics

The Public Sector Commission uses Google Analytics across the website to collect a range of user data, which we use to identify trends and statistics to improve our services. Data is not used to personally identify users unless required by law.

Profile information

If you create an account or submit an application through the Jobs WA website, you will enter a range of personal information that is automatically used by the website to provide you with the services you request (such as presenting you with customised search results, emailing you updates on job advertisements or system changes, or submitting your profile information to agencies when you apply for a position or program).

To protect your privacy, the Public Sector Commission moderates the level of access given to administrators and agency human resources officers, only permitting access to your information for official and appropriate purposes. Access to your information is logged by the system and permissions are audited by the Commission regularly.

Any information you provide to agencies as part of a job application (for example, your profile information, resume and application attachments) or outside of the website (for example, via direct email, through phone calls or during job interviews) is subject to that agency's privacy policies. If you have any queries or concerns about how an agency may use your information, you should contact the job contact officer listed in the advertisement.

Secure encryption

This website uses SSL-certified encryption to protect your information. If you have any queries, please email