Merit selection

Merit selection

The majority of public sector agencies are required to undertake Human Resource processes in accordance with the Public Sector Standards in Human Resource Management. The Employment Standard applies when filling a vacancy. The Employment Standard is comprised of four principles.

Merit principle

In applying the merit principle a proper assessment must take into account:

  • the extent to which the person has the skills knowledge and abilities relevant to the work related requirements and the outcomes sought by the public sector body; and
  • if relevant, the way in which the person carried out any previous employment or occupational duties.

Equity principle

Employment decisions are to be impartial and free from bias, nepotism and patronage.

For secondment the employee consents.

For transfer employment conditions are comparable.

Interest principle

Decisions about an employee’s secondment, transfer or acting take account of the employee’s interests and the work related requirements of the relevant public sector body.

Transparency principle

Decisions are to be transparent and capable of reviews.