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Before contacting us, please review the tips for using search and frequently asked questions. If your query isn't answered on either of those pages, please contact the agency in which you are applying for.

Complaints about an application process

The Employment Standard applies when filling a vacancy by way of recruitment, selection, appointment, secondment, transfer and temporary deployment (acting) in the Western Australian public sector.

A breach of Standard claim allows a person to seek relief if they believe a decision by an agency has breached a Standard and they have been adversely affected by that breach. A breach of Standard claim can be made once an agency has completed a process and made a ‘reviewable decision’ to which a Standard applies.

If you believe an agency has breached the Employment Standard, please see the Public Sector Commission website.


Employment programs and campaigns

The Jobs WA home page includes banner graphics for agency employment programs and campaigns. If you would like to include a banner for your agency, please email and include:

  • the start and end dates of your employment program or campaign
  • an attached graphic or photo that is at least 581 pixels wide and 204 pixels tall
  • a text 'tag line' to be placed with the banner
  • a hyperlink to your agency's website or campaign page.

Some employment programs or campaigns may be in effect all year round; these programs will be included in the scrolling banner at a lower priority than campaigns with a limited duration. Agencies are able to refresh ongoing campaigns with new banner images no more frequently than once a quarter.

Recruitment Advertisement Management System (RAMS)

RAMS is used by agencies to advertise vacancies on the Jobs WA website. Technical queries regarding RAMS should be emailed to the RAMS Helpdesk at